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Corinne Laborde, Ingenuity Interior Design founder & owner

Corinne Laborde, founder & owner of Ingenuity, Inc., was born and raised in New Orleans and has worked for over 30 years designing homes and professional offices throughout New Orleans, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Chicago, and New York. She has helped many with large scale renovations, new build designs and one-room make overs.  Known for her accuracy using color, she prides herself on her attention to every detail.

With each project, whether modern, traditional or in-between, the goal is to make the design timeless while feeling cohesive and a reflection of the client’s tastes. Whether she is integrating a client’s treasured objects into their new home or accumulating every piece, it is her goal for every project to look as though it was meticulously curated over time.



"I love my home!"

This is what I strive to hear at the end of every project, and when I do, I know I've done my job well. 

Ingenuity starburst.png
Ingenuity starburst.png

- Corinne Laborde



Whether I needed help with window treatments, choosing paint colors, finding the right furniture, or arranging items in my home, Corinne Laborde of Ingenuity was truly a joy to work with. By taking the time to understand my tastes and goals Corinne was able to incorporate her flair for color and design into a look I absolutely love!

She worked closely with the contractors which was invaluable, and her workroom turns out superior products in a timely fashion which are meticulously crafted. Not only is she professional and an expert on color, but she is also a wonderful person.  

Thank you, Corinne, for transforming my home into a beautiful show house.

- Sue from New Orleans

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